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Robert Gates Former Secretary Of Defense: His Double Birth Order

Making the rounds of all the talk shows last week has been Robert Michael Gates promoting his autobiography “Duty” where he gives us an insight into the Obama administration. He has had a history of government service, serving as the 15th [...]
George Clooney: His Birth Order And Marriages

George Clooney: His Birth Order And Marriages

Even George said it was not going to happen but on September 27th 2014, he married again. His bride, Amal Alamuddin, a human rights attorney. Why do people fall in love? Can we predict which marriages will last? These questions can be answered [...]

Joan Rivers: A #2 Birth Order That Was In Control

We lost Joan Rivers September 4th, 2014 and now we get a chance to see her life in terms of her birth order. Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Comedian are roles she has played. Her birth order influenced them all. Early Years Born [...]

The Double Birth Order Of Robin Williams

Few comedians or actors have had the impact that Robin Williams has had in his lifetime. His acting roles have been both comedic and serious. His humor was “off the wall” at times that only Robin could control. It was often manic and so [...]

Shirley Temple Black: An Only/ Three Double Birth Order

Shirley Temple pasted away February 12, 2014. From child actress to US Diplomat, was this a life of contrasts or could we predict it by looking at her birth order? Conception and Birth Her mother Gertrude wanted a girl and was told by a fortune [...]

Birth Orders: Graduation & Career Paths

You just graduated from college and your parents said “get a job”. Understanding your birth order will help. Each birth order has a set of personality traits that fit their “ideal” job. If you don’t find it now you will zigzag through many [...]

Your Birth Order: How Will You Spend Your Tax Refund?

Basic birth orders. For those lucky people who are about to get their tax refunds, did you know that your birth order influences how you see money and use it? Many couples have different ideas about money and some feel this issue can lead to [...]