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Your Birth Order: How Will You Spend Your Tax Refund?

Basic birth orders.

For those lucky people who are about to get their tax refunds, did you know that your birth order influences how you see money and use it? Many couples have different ideas about money and some feel this issue can lead to difficulties in a marriage. Your birth order can explain that behavior.

The basic birth orders are the only child without siblings, the firstborn, second born, third born and fourth born. After number four the series starts over again. Each birth order has their own view about money and how it should be used. This does not mean that you have no choice in the matter as each birth order has both positive and negative behavior patterns, see which is yours.

The only.

This person mimics his parents and is the only birth order without siblings. If he was indulged by his parents and given anything he wanted then a person with this birth order may buy jewelry, clothes or art work. Anything for himself, as this type of Only would not want to share. The positive Only would be buying books, his first friend, or maybe theater tickets for himself and a companion to share in his windfall.

The firstborn.

The firstborn can be very frugal with money and save it for their retirement or save it for their grandchildren. Money can be used as power over others so by giving gifts they feel more powerful. They feel the burden of leading the family and want to be an example for the younger siblings. The other type of firstborn would want to flaunt their power and may use the money to throw a lavish party in their home to show others how successful and powerful they have become.

The second born.

The second born uses money to protect themselves from not being told what to do. Some of the most successful people are second borns like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. If positive, they will invest this tax refund to further grow their nest egg. If negative, they may go on an adventure trip where they would use their athletic skills or go to an exotic location very much off the beaten track.

The third born.

This birth order doesn’t care about power or money, they see the human condition and the beauty of nature. Their senses are very developed and they want to understand and “Feel” life at every level. On a positive note they may give their refund to the church, make a donation to a worthy cause, or help a poor street person. If negative they may throw a party where drugs and alcohol are in abundance, or go to a rock concert.

The fourth born.

This is the baby in the birth order series and they may want to seek advice from an older sibling as to what to do with the money. They would tell them to save it for the future as the older sibling will not always be there to help them. Of course, they may not listen and just want to have a good time with their friends. A party barge would be a great place for a good time.

The choice is yours.

Every birth order has a special way to look at money.  They have a choice that is positive or negative and that is why even the same birth order appear different.  Which behavior will be yours and will you have a conflict with your spouse if a Tax refund appears?

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