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“Owed” to Springtime

In 1842 Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote a lengthy poem celebrating young love, and yet only one line has remained vastly known: “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” I would say that many of us agree, but [...]

Is Holy Week Politically or Religiously Incorrect?

Several years ago my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Egypt and Israel with a Rabbi and his wife who made the whole experience extremely enlightening. Some would ask, “Can Jews and Christians share their faith?” We were [...]

Beating the Blizzard Blues

I concede I dreamed of a white Christmas. I will even admit I sang, “Let It Snow, Let It Snow.” Several years ago, before I retired from teaching, the thought of a “snow day” meant a whole day of relaxing, catching up on grades and staying [...]

The Ultimate Buzz

As many people were celebrating the New Year with sparkling champagne or some other way to get “a buzz on,” I was having a personal “buzz machine” implanted in my spine. No, I have not gotten into some New Age technological [...]

To Every Season

“The Autumn Leaves – drift by my window…” As the leaves turn and the temperature drops, is your autumn half full or half empty? I have found through the years there are those who love the fall colors, brisk walks, Oktoberfests, [...]

Dear Old Golden Rule Days

We “oldsters” all remember the ditty, “School days, school, days, dear old Golden Rule days…readin’ and writin’ and ‘rithmatic; taught to the tune of a hickory stick! Oh the times, they are a changin’! First [...]

When The Earth Quakes

With the news of the recent earthquake near San Francisco, I thank God that there was no loss of life. Having survived the big Northridge earthquake in California twenty years ago, I still tremble every time I hear of another one. Yet I learned [...]

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Color

Everyone who watches the news now knows of the suburb of St. Louis, Ferguson, Missouri. Those of us who also live here are absolutely stunned, mortified and saddened by this recent notoriety! As a retired high school teacher, my students and [...]

Noah’s Promise

Growing up in my picturesque little hometown of Clarksville, Missouri on the Mississippi River was just like a chapter out of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. We played in the river, went boating and water skiing, camped out on the sandbars and climbed [...]

Summertime…And The Livin’ Was Easy

Growing up in the 1960’s with the great songs of summer was amazing! We weren’t close enough to California to be surfer girls who would wipeout, but we were ready to roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! Three months of making [...]

Daddy’s Baby Girl

Being born on Father’s Day, 1950, somehow immediately made me “Daddy’s Baby Girl!” I lived up to that for twelve years; then came my terrible teens! I wish I could take back those rebellious years, for I would never have chosen to be [...]

Get Your Mind out of the Gutter

I used to hate it when people would say to me, “It’s all in your mind!” Whether trying to lose weight, quit smoking, or stop worrying, I hated those words! Yet once I came to understand there was some truth behind the cliché, I began [...]


“I saw her. I talked to her. I put antifreeze in her car, for Heaven’s sake!” It may have indeed been for “Heaven’s sake,”that unexplainable day my pastor experienced. Pastor B., as we call him, is one of the most down [...]

Valentine’s Day, 1944, And 70 Years Later

For seventy years, their love has increased. Like many young couples of the World War II era, my parents were in love, my dad was in the service, and they both knew he might not return. So on February 14, 1944, Dad proposed and Mom said, “Yes.” [...]

Take A Cruise Or Face The Blues?

Join the “club” if the days right after the holidays are the most difficult times of the year. We have been singing “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” for the past month and then suddenly – it’s [...]


“Celebrate!” I used to hate this time of the year because I didn’t WANT to celebrate, I didn’t believe in ANYTHING and all the people who put up obnoxious decorations and sang carols made me hate the season even more! Then [...]

The Flight of Honor

Many of us love old World War II movies that always have a happy ending. Recently, my dad experienced a World War II journey with just such an ending. When our government was recently “shut down,” they tried to include the World [...]

You’re Being Set Up!

When you experience a tragedy, heartbreak or crisis, it may look as if your world is falling apart. However, as a TV and Radio Host, invariably my best interviews on the most inspiring “stories” or books, are those that are born [...]

Laughter: Medicine For The Body And Soul

Having grown up in a bright purple house, my mother was a costumer for the local Theater Guild. Every holiday she decorated the large pink ceramic pig in our front yard and I thought we were normal. I was always voted class clown and made sure [...]

30 Second Cure When You Just Feel Like Screaming!

How many times a day do you just feel like screaming? Most of us lead frantic, chaotic, stressful lives. Whether you have young children hanging on your bathrobe, you face a daily grind of a workload, or you travel for a living, we all feel [...]

Daddy Danced

A lifelong athlete and WWII Navy Pilot, Dad had always been muscular and handsome. Then several years ago after surgery for a cerebral hemorrhage, he was unable to walk and became forgetful. Then last year at 89, he began to improve. Going to [...]

Don’t Waste The Pain

The first time I was called “fatso”, it was by a cute redheaded boy back in third grade. I didn’t even know I was overweight. I guess my family didn’t either as they never mentioned it. I went home crying that night and asked [...]

Spicin’ it Up: Back To School

A speaking event I was the keynote speaker this past week for the 1200 or so teachers and staff of the Hazelwood School District here in St. Louis. I hadn’t been there for several years and had forgotten how huge it is. I also know I am getting [...]