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Beating the Blizzard Blues

I concede I dreamed of a white Christmas.

Woman hands in winter gloves Heart symbol shaped LifestyleI will even admit I sang, “Let It Snow, Let It Snow.” Several years ago, before I retired from teaching, the thought of a “snow day” meant a whole day of relaxing, catching up on grades and staying in my jammies all day. Even now, being snowed in has brought great moments of watching the kids sledding, sipping hot chocolate under blankets and fireside marathon reading sessions. But enough is enough! I am fed up with being housebound in one digit temperatures, battling irritability, whining, excessive slothfulness and mood swings. In order to save my sanity, I have thus learned to push past marathon television trances and binge eating. Thus, here are a few strategies that have saved my snow infested sanity. Feel free to adopt them.

Be creative.

So, you’re stuck at home, with or without others there. The overly efficient snowplow thrust a top layer of hard-packed snow and salt in a mound on your driveway and you can’t get out. Ask your creative self to release the inner writer, artist, painter, sculptor – whatever you like! This can include writing letters or journaling. My sister keeps an updated “Grammy Journal” of all the cute quips and quotes of each of her seven grandchildren. I write blogs.

Get moving!

Just Do it! Since I have fought my weight all of my life, I know that a hundred pounds ago I could have easily become a hairy ground sloth. Now I pull out my old friend Richard Simmons and start “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”. Or I put on my 60’s hippy music and light incense as I play air guitar. I even sometimes in desperation give myself permission to watch an old favorite movie while treading on the dreaded treadmill. But I make myself move!

Commiserate with others

Trusting that your internet provider hasn’t decided to take a snow day too, give yourself an hour or two on Facebook, e-mail, or shopping on eBay or Amazon. Call friends and shop together, or at least send links and inspiration electronically. However, know that this too can become an obsession and lead to wasted hours. Set a time limit!

Bundle up and go outside.

The days are shorter of course this time of year, but a little dose of sunlight and a touch of outdoor physical activity can make a big difference when it comes to cabin fever. Breathe in the cold air, look up to the Heavens and thank God you can take this day of relaxation. And remember the poor snow-plow drivers and workers who DO have to be out in this! Even a brisk time of marching in place gets your blood flowing and your endorphins climbing. Nobody says you can’t play in the snow either – no matter how old you are! Make snow angels and start building a snowman all by yourself and watch the neighborhood children come over to play with a 60 yr. old!

If you can’t beat ‘em, head south!

OK, I know everybody can’t do this permanently, but since I can at this stage of my life, Florida is my destination, and new home. As I write this I am back north in the snow, helping my 90 yr.-old parents pack to come with us as well. We are taking Dad to Disneyworld for his 92nd birthday, and who knows, we may even go to the beach and make “sand angels.” Life presents options and sometimes you just have to go for it. In case I ever do miss the snow, I can always visit family up north. Or I can still dream of a White Christmas –building sandcastles and snowmen on a white sandy beach!   Read more posts by Debra Peppers, Ph.D., here.


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