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Balance: It Is Not What You Think

Many people speak about creating a balance in life, one that allows you to enjoy both your personal life and also your professional life. I do not believe in trying to balance the two. Making a conscious effort to schedule X amount of time for [...]

The Elusive Happiness Factor: How To Discover It

If you look around your community whether you share a schoolroom, workout class or meeting place—someone laughs a lot, smiles and expresses their happiness. How come some people express happiness while others slog through their days? What [...]

Extricating Yourself From The Dark Night Of The Soul

In today’s world, you face enormous challenges of time, work, family and friends. You face many toils along with trials that rise up in front of you like a blazing attack of dragons. While you endured cliques, politics and different kinds [...]

Judgment: Higher Frequencies Of Human Consciousness

Make your life like a mighty river of love flowing out of your heart. Such consciousness will return with a flood of friends, joy and happiness. While in high school, most of us made judgments of other students. Guys and gals always talked about [...]

Trying Too Hard to Be Healed

As the evening came so did a phone call from our daughter regarding her grandpa who was having chest pains she was concerned about. Fresh out of pacemaker surgery it was alarming to think he might be having further heart problems that needed [...]