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The Midlife Sage Says: Water the Artificial Flowers

This week I visited Mom at her care facility, and we enjoyed a bland, soft-food lunch in the pleasant dining room. During the meal she dumped her water glass into the vase of plastic flowers on the table, explaining that the blossoms lasted [...]

The Midlife Sage: Dealing With Death, Taxes, And Independence

Are your taxes done? Does your accountant begin to have seizures when you come to your appointment? Are you promising that this year you will do a better job of keeping accurate records so you don’t need to frantically search for documents [...]

Alzheimer’s: Relentless, Costly, Incurable

This year 450,000 Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease will die.* A number that large is hard to understand, so let’s cut it to, say 40. That’s roughly the number of people I saw a few months ago when I visited the wing of the south [...]