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Baby George…His Personality And How He May Rule

The King and We

Since we the heard the news on July 22, folks fascinated by Royal buzz, grasping for the latest photos of the beautifully rich young couple Kate and William, baby George and their family pet, Lupa.

As we stand in line at the grocery store, searching for more magazine photos of the adorable child, we wonder what will his personality and his intentions..  A closer look at his Royal Numerology showcases his personal traits and challenges and how these could determine his reign as king.

Wealth, looks and power..oh my!

Baby George was born on July 22, 2013,  His total birth date #’s adds up to 17 totaling 8.  Guess what key qualities he came into this life with… 

  • 1- Creativity and Confidence
  • 7- Inner Trust and Spirituality
  • 8- Abundance and Power (no kidding, right!)

During his youth, George will have quite the plate full as he comprehends the power of his inherited wealth and status, while also letting his creative juices flow.  As a young man, he will feel the need to toy with the hobby of writing, and could be a very animated individual.  He will also have a desire to practice spirituality in his own way.

In his teens, all of these aspects will come full circle as he embraces his creative itch and trusts in his powerful position that will leave a substantial legacy in the 3rd millennium.

The #7 located in his chart denotes that as he learns how much inner insight he has, George will come forth with a serious philanthropic policy.  Visions of his grandmother, Princess Dianna at hospitals cooing on sick children come to mind.

A good mate for the handsome man would be a woman who has a number 2 diplomatic or 9 humanitarian soul urge, well read, independent, loves nature, and has a 3 in her life path to imply a bit of kicking her feet up when things get serious.

A Master With a Sensitive Head for Business

George was born on the 22nd .  Could this have been planned any better?!  22 is a Master number which  vibrates to massive cooperation, patience, and diplomacy.  He is destined to organize in a large, distinctive and impressive way that could make Winston Churchill take note.

To the contrary, his sensitive double “2”’s means he will have to take care of himself physically.  A love of music or comedy will soothe his frayed nerves as his obligations and determination are on fire.  French composer Chopin may wet his appetite for a life that includes rhythm and harmony.

A Spirited Soul Man…

George’s full name, George Alexander Lois is indicative of a  #1 soul urge, who is gifted in his ability to begin projects and creative in carrying them out.  This is the type of person that you see with true leadership qualities who will take firm stances, bowing to no one.  Interestingly, his father, Prince William has the same soul urge number.  William demonstrated this when he broke Royal tradition and spent Christmas 2012 with Kate and her family at their English country home.

George could be possessive as a parent or spouse referring to them as “My Wife” and “My Children”.

The number1 soul urge can have a dominating personality.  His challenge will be to display patience and perseverance at home, and beneficial connections with the US, Europe, Middle East and other world leaders.  This is why his 22 master birth date is so important.

Bring it on!

No doubt George will be great at bridging business and spirituality in a world that thirsts for inner peace.  Trusting his own instinct and making well thought out decisions will positively affect individuals and nations on a grand scale in the years 2050 and beyond.

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