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Trevicia Williams, Ph.D.


In addition to being a psychologist, motivational speaker, talk show host and highly sought after personal development expert, Trevicia Williams, Ph.D., "Dr. Trevicia" is the author of the book There Are Pearls In The Pain of Every Experience: Spiritual Truths About Life's Experiences, an inspirational memoir about her child bride experience in Houston, Texas as a 14 year old African American girl placed in a marriage to a 26 year old man from Germany.

Through her wealth of experience with helping people personally and professionally along with over a decade of studies in human behavior, she inspires, motivates and empowers others by teaching winning strategies for success and helping them exceed the normal use only 2-10% of their potential.

Dr. Trevicia has been featured on numerous TV networks, including, A&E, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, BET, Oxygen, and, Bravo and regularly provides expert and breaking news commentary about human behavior, parenting, mother-daughter relationships and more. Through her speaking engagements, Dr. Trevicia touches the lives of people and empowers them with the knowledge to turn adversities into advancements and realize their fullest spiritual and human potentials. Through her I Love You But I Can’t Stand You Right Now™ Healthy Mother Teen Daughter Relationship Workshops, she’s on a mission to empower moms and teen girls around the world.

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