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Mommy, Why Are Your Legs Hairy?

In my book, Stephany’s Style Secrets: 7 Steps to Live and Dress Your Best, I titled chapter one, Love Yourself No Matter What.

You can’t look your best or live your best until you love yourself first, and part of loving yourself is keeping the promises that matter the most to you.

At the end of my last blog, I promised to review the film Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel. Please forgive me for breaking that promise.

Although I can’t stand breaking a promise to someone else, there’s nothing worse than the yucky feeling I get whenever I break a promise I made to myself.

The past several months I haven’t had time to blog as frequently as I’d like.

It’s never politically correct to admit in fashionable circles that one is too exhausted to maintain one’s fabulousness. I knew it was bad when my son asked “Mommy, why are your legs are hairy?” All I could do was laugh, “Because I haven’t had time to shave them, dear.”

After 25 years in the fashion industry my closet is packed with designer clothes in sizes 4-6, but I can’t wear them now that I’m a size 12. A few years ago I promised myself that I would keep the smaller clothes until I could fit into them again.

So I only wear 25% of my clothes, because the other 75% don’t fit. I was known for my booty long before Kim Kardashian! Decades of ballet, yoga, running, and raw foodism gave me an athletically slender figure.

Everything came to a screeching halt when I became a single mom.

I found my calling when I had my son. My sun rises and sets in him. At the same time, to raise him with the attention he deserves, I can’t seem to find extra time to spend at a gym.

I feel healthier and more “myself” when my figure is closer to the one I maintained for the first 36 years of my life. Do I love my bootylicious body? Yes. Could I love myself more from the inside out? YES!!! Wouldn’t it be lovely if every woman in the world felt just as good about herself at a size 26 as she feels at a size 6?

The fashion and entertainment industry, and the media, have brainwashed us to hold ourselves up to an artificial standard of beauty that’s impossible to achieve. At 45, I’m proud that my goal is NOT to copy a photoshopped magazine cover. My goal is achieve the healthiest state that feels good to ME, and no one else.

On New Year’s Eve, I promised myself I would lose 60 pounds. I’ve got 45 more to go! My dear friend, nutritionist Karen Panish, has seen my body transform into the curvaceous “Rubenesque” figure I have now.

She said I could use the support of a group network, so I jumped at it when she told me about Tera Warner’s “Remineralize Your Body” program! According to Tera, If you feel like you’re doing your best to eat all the right foods, but still struggling to have the energy, health and bouncing good feelings you KNOW are possible, then chances are good you have a mineral deficiency…it would be wise to remineralize!”

After breaking one too many promises in private, this summer I promised myself that I will lose 45 pounds in public, with the hope that blogging with nowhere to hide will help me do it! Hang with me over next 6 weeks, while I document my experience as Tera and her coaches teach me and 80 other women around the world how to “remineralize.” I promise!

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