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Patricia Robinson

Patricia Robinson is the founder of a nonprofit organization, Daughters of Destiny Ministries. Her mission is to encourage and inspire women and young people to create a life designed for them to move towards their purpose. Patricia is a member of the Central Dauphin Curriculum Committee and a board member of the Shalom House, a shelter for women and children in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Patricia is co-founder and a board member of The Harrisburg High School Class of 1984 Legacy Scholarship Fund, a nonprofit organization designed to pay-it-forward by giving away two scholarships to qualifying high school graduates.

Patricia earned her bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from the Lancaster Bible College in 2010, and her associated degree in Corporate Communications. She is a mentor, inspirational speaker, and author of a self-help book entitled Pyramid to Your Potential. She has written several articles for local and international magazines and newspaper. Her recent article entitled How to remain focused was featured in Toastmaster International magazine. She has been a keynote speaker for local high schools, community groups, and higher learning institutions throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Patricia is a wife and mother of two children. She is currently pursuing a degree in Corporate Communications through Elizabethtown College. Patricia has launched a new business, Communication Dream Consulting. Patricia believes that one key element to success is the ability to effectively communicate both professionally and personally.

Patricia has been interviewed on local television shows such as Life Esteem with Patricia and Nate Gadsden and has made cameo appearances on local radio stations. Patricia was the host of a 15-minute devotional segment on WWII 720 The Rock. You can hear Patricia now every Saturday on her Blogtalk radio show Keeping it Real, Keeping you Honest. Her desire to educate has moved her to facilitate free workshops on the subjects of communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, and time Management. Patricia Robinson is a catalyst for change.

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