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Michelle Vodrazka

Michelle Vodrazka is a Culinary Nutrition Expert, Holistic Health Coach, and Personal Trainer whose passion is teaching people how they can transform their lives through nutrition and exercise. Michelle has written two cookbooks, Smart Snacking for Sports and Help Yourself to Seconds and is currently working on her third book. Michelle lives in Ottawa, Canada with her four children where she loves spending time exploring the outdoors and dreaming up new creations in her kitchen. She shares her knowledge of cooking, nutrition and fitness on her website www.michellevodrazka.com.

Posts by Michelle Vodrazka:

  • Podcast: Help Yourself to Seconds & Lose Weight

  • March 26th, 2016
    Listen Here: Certified nutritionist and personal trainer, Michelle Vodrazka, is the author of two cookbooks Help Yourself to Seconds andSmart Snacking for Sports, where she shows you how to fuel your body in the [...]