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Podcast: Help Yourself to Seconds & Lose Weight

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Certified nutritionist and personal trainer, Michelle Vodrazka, is the author of two cookbooks Help Yourself to Seconds andSmart Snacking for Sports, where she shows you how to fuel your body in the most tangible, healthful, and effective way possible.

Help Yourself to Seconds & Lose Weight

Collection Of Grain, Cereal, Seed, Bean

  • What is the #1 mistake people make when trying to lose weight?
  • What so-called healthy foods can stall our weight loss efforts?
  • What three things should we eat at every meal to help stabilize our blood sugar levels?
  • How sleep, supplements and sunshine can help accelerate your fat loss?
  • What is the one thing you would like to tell our listeners?

To learn more about how you can help yourself to seconds and still lose weight, check out Michelle’s website on www.michellevodrazka.com or pick up a copy of Michelle’s new book, Help Yourself to Seconds, is available on Amazon and Chapters Indigo.

This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings of the NYC based PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR.  Annie Jennings PR specializes in marketing books for getting authors booked on radio talk show interviews, TV shows in major online and in high circulation magazines and newspapers. Annie also works with speaker and experts to build up powerful platforms of credibility and influence.

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