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How Creative Are You?

How Creative Are You?Are you creative in business?

There are a lot of successful businesses but all businesses do not flow out of the creative model. There are innovators -the creatives. And there are improvisationalist – the copiers. Both have a place in the business world.  Taking the model of the improvisationalist is not bad, they take what the creatives have done and expand off a creative idea.  The Wright Brothers were the creatives that built the first plane, but it took the copiers to create the industry.  My original question was, are you creative in business?  There are many creatives that are stuck in jobs when they are acting like copiers.  This article is to challenge creatives to come out of the mundane and innovate.

Become Creative Now

There is no better time than today.  Matter of fact today is the only time that you have.  You don’t have tomorrow yet, and you can’t do anything about yesterday.  If there is a concept, idea, world changing innovation in your mind start the journey to birthing that creative idea today, right now.  Don’t allow your circumstances to limit you.  Think and do.  Nikola Tesla spent years under Edison.  His creativeness in business was completely stifled.  He was brimming with ideas that were revolutionary.  Yet he was working as a copier.  He was doing things to help Edison create his vision but was doing nothing for his own genius.  One day he became courageous and stepped out into his own destiny.  He unleashed the creative mind that had always been inside of him.  Nikola Tesla revolutionized the world.


If you are a creative, there is no one like you. Really think about what I’m saying.  Creatives invent the technologies.  Creatives take nothing and turn it into something.  Come out, come out wherever you are.  There are systems that need designing, cures that need to be found, inventions that need to materialize. All of that depends on the creatives.  The role of the copier is to improve, enhance, modify and globalize products.  The role of the creatives is to give birth to ideas, concepts and to innovate.  If you are indeed a creative, then you should be creative in business right now.  There is no better time.

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