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Possible Impossibilities

What a powerful paradox

I’m a firm believer that nothing is impossible for those who choose to believe that all things are possible!  My belief, that there are no impossibilities, removes all mental restrictions from my life. I am free to dream, explore, and achieve all that I visualize in my mind.

What if you were guaranteed that everything that you decided to believe, meditated on, and visualized intently would happen for you within 90 days? Would you change your beliefs?  Of course you would!  I’m sure that you would begin to believe for millions of dollars, vacation properties all over the world, and possibly that special mate that would make your life complete.

Well, I believe that by adopting the belief that there are no impossibilities that the above scenario is very possible and even likely for you.  By simply making a shift in our thinking we open ourselves up to receive the things that we meditate on and visualize in our minds. Turn impossibilities into possibilities.

Keys to turning impossibilities to possibilities:

  • Inventory your thoughts. Use the scenario above to write a list of all of the beliefs that you would adopt if you knew that they would come true within 90 days.  For example, “I believe that I’m a multi-millionaire, with several vacation properties all over the world and I’m in a loving marriage with my ideal mate (do get more in-depth by listing your desired profession, where your wish to travel and own property, and a complete description of your mate).  Write everything that you would like to see happen if there were no impossibilities. You will be surprised to see the things that you truly desire for yourself once you remove mental restrictions of unbelief.
  • Remove non-belief.  Read your list several times a loud and notice if you feel awkward at any point.  For example, if you feel silly saying” I believe that I’ll be happily married with three kids,” stop and address the feeling. It is attached to an underlining belief. It may be “I don’t deserve happiness” or “I’m too old to get married now”. Whatever the underlining belief, remove it by saying, “Nothing is impossible for me because I believe that I am…..” finish the sentence with the items from your list.  Repeat your list daily until you feel completely comfortable saying it. 
  • Train your brain to believe!  We remove non-belief about impossibilities by replacing them with new beliefs of new possibilities.  Review your list often and continue verbalizing your desires.  For all things are possible to those who believe!

Have fun. LB

Latezes Bridges is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.