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Ginger Jenks


Ginger Jenks is a Master Coach, speaker, author, leader and top competitor. She is the author of the book, Wag, Live, Love – What Dogs Teach Us About Happiness and Life.

With deep experience in coaching and personal success in business, sports and music, Ginger brings a unique perspective to her clients and audiences. Dynamic, fun and funny, her programs deliver practical take-aways, new concepts, deep wisdom and memorable stories.

Ginger coaches CEO’s and teams on leadership, communication, team building, visioning and motivation. She is passionate about the importance creating a Happiness Platform and life-design. Ginger is the CEO of Magellan Enterprises.

A top competitor with her Samoyed dogs, Ginger is also an accomplished trumpet player, having performed with the Boston Pops Orchestra under Arthur Fiedler at the age of 16.

Ginger is all about “More Joy, Better Results!” She has been a speaker on several national radio programs and a has also been an expert source for CNN.com.

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Posts by Ginger Jenks:

  • Pretend Customer Service – Don’t Do It!

  • Customer serviceMarch 27th, 2014
    Most companies have gotten wise to the fact that customers want to feel appreciated. They use the right language, especially on their voicemail and “hold” menus. “Your call is very important to us! And we appreciate [...]

  • Podcast: How To Get More Joy & Better Results In Life

  • August 20th, 2013
    Listen Here: Ginger Jenks is a Master Coach and internationally recognized leader in the coaching profession. Ginger has helped thousands of people be more successful and is author of the book, Wag, Live, Love – [...]

  • Resisting What We Want

  • June 10th, 2013
    Now, why would anybody resist what they want? That just doesn’t make any sense! Yet we do it all the time. Take Tony. He’s a busy executive who is on the road a lot.  An ex-collegiate basketball star, Tony believes [...]

  • Choosing To Be Humbled – What?!

  • April 23rd, 2013
    Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? When we’re always trying our best to look good, why would you seek out being humbled? I had this opportunity recently, though I didn’t choose it consciously the first time around. My friend [...]

  • Which End Of The Magnet Are You In Social Media?

  • April 12th, 2013
    Social Networks are hot! Facebook, LinkedIn and a host of others occupy  billions of hours weekly as people post about their lives and careers. You make a statement, every time you post, about who you are.  Choose [...]