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Podcast: How To Get More Joy & Better Results In Life

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Ginger Jenks is a Master Coach and internationally recognized leader in the coaching profession. Ginger has helped thousands of people be more successful and is author of the book, Wag, Live, Love – What Dogs Teach Us About Happiness and Life.

In this podcast, Ginger discusses how to find joy despite living a busy life that’s packed with stress and pressure to create more happiness and get better results for yourself.

How To Get More Joy & Better Results In Life

  • Why do you have to go after more joy before getting more results?
  • How do you make joy a habit?
  • Why is connecting with people important?
  • What is your happiness platform and how do you build it?

To learn how to achieve more joy and better results in your life, visit WagLiveLove.com  and Magellangi.com. Mention this interview in an email to ginger@magellangj.com and get a complimentary coaching session that will super-charge your path.

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