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Podcast: Color Therapy Secrets

Listen Here: Donna Reis is a Certified Chromatologist and founder of ColorVision. In this podcast, Donna discusses the therapeutic value of color, its energy and how it can support health and wellness. Color Therapy Secrets How do you [...]

Podcast: Secrets To A Fulfilling Relationship

Listen Here: Dr. Jeffrey Kane is a Marriage Therapist and author of the new ebook The 12 Best Kept Secrets to a Fulfilling Relationship. Ever wonder why so many relationships don’t live up to your expectations? Dr. Kane offers realistic [...]

Therapy As Creation, Not Compost!

Some therapists and clients think that therapy is only a compost bucket. Tell the therapist how bad life is and get better. Dig up the details on a past trauma and feel healed. This is not true. As you emphasize what is wrong with your life, [...]

How Old Are You… No, Really?

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” Satchel Paige We all get reminded at least once a year how old we are in chronological years. Yet, is this really the way to measure? There is a theory that we get stopped emotionally [...]

Wave Goodbye to Overwhelm

Are you too busy to read this blog? If your answer is “yes” read on anyway! The normal adult in our society is often responsible for maintaining a career, organizing household finances, managing household chores, caring for children and/or [...]