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Podcast: Why You Need A Speech Coach

Podcast: Why You Need A Speech Coach

Listen Here: Mary Gardner is on the verge of launching the Inspirational Speakers Academy that will mentor and coach individuals to create a business through speaking and promoting their work and their causes.  Why You Need A Speech Coach How [...]

What A Saying On The Venice Boardwalk Has To Do With You

“Cool story babe, Now make me a sandwich.” The boardwalk in Venice, California is filled with every cliché imaginable. That includes people and product!  The woman looks normal until she starts talking about the impending invasion. [...]

Storytelling 101: Tell The Right Story And Tell It Well

Every culture has valued storytelling since the beginning of time. Look at Hollywood. Hollywood is a billion dollar a year industry. What does Hollywood do best? Hollywood and Bollywood movies tell stories. A blockbuster or an independent film [...]