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Kids And Smartphones: How Old?

How old is old enough for a kid to have a smartphone? Right out of the gate, I’m saying 16, and I know there’ll be some backlash from that. Some will say it all depends on the kid; others will argue there’s no right answer. Here’s why [...]

Prepare Now For Device And Data Theft

Digital device theft is a big problem. I’ve seen numerous stories about iPhones being stolen right from a person’s hand while the user was talking on it. Others have reported sitting in a coffee shop while having a conversation and having [...]

Podcast: Finding the Best Travel Apps

Listen Here: Fred Perrotta is an entrepreneur and travel junkie who  co-founded the luggage company Tortuga Backpacks. As a frequent traveler and tech startup consultant, Fred has tested dozens of travel apps and today, he’ll share his [...]

What Are My Risks With My Mobile Device?

If you understand what mobile criminals are trying to do, you can fight back. The primary risks you should worry about are: Financial fraud: Someone takes over your bank account, extracts money, or sets up a premium SMS scam where you pay for [...]

Why Are Criminals Moving From PCs To Mobile Devices?

The number of households in the United States that rely solely on mobile phones continues to increase. As of July 2011, 31 percent of households had mobile phones and no landlines. Additionally, almost one in six households used mobile phones [...]