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Podcast: The Power Of Chakras

Listen Here: Bestselling author, Dr. Susan Shumsky, is a highly respected spiritual teacher and pioneer in the field of human potential.  In this podcast, Susan discusses her latest book, The Power of Chakras: Unlock Your 7 Energy Centers [...]

Podcast: Ignite Your Inner And Outer Sexy

Listen Here: Michelle Perrone is a Board Certified Lifestyle, Health, and Fitness coach who has been featured on the Today Show, Yahoo’s Shine and Kris Carr’s website, Crazy Sexy Life. Michelle is author of the upcoming book Ignite Your [...]

Podcast: What Is Personal Power & How Can You Find It?

Listen Here: Lone Morch is an author, fine art photographer, speaker and creative catalyst, Lone Morch is a freedom activist and has for many years been an advocate for women’s voice, visibility and (self) value. She is the Award-winning [...]

Podcast: Flame To Fame: How To Double Your Influence in 30 Days

Listen Here: Teresa de Grosbois is a word of mouth marketing expert, bestselling author, international speaker and founder of the Evolutionary Business Council. Her high impact coaching sessions teach how to build & leverage lasting, authentic [...]