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ObamaCare And Our Healthcare Crisis

ObamaCare has been limping along for a few weeks now, creating the much-anticipated havoc in many of our lives. Some of us will pay a lot more for insurance that covers less, while others will actually have affordable coverage for some of their [...]

Cured Or Not Cured

As the calendar pages slowly flipped to the start of each month, the anniversary of my cure from epilepsy approached. June 13, 1990 was the day I was set free from being disabled for 12 years. At last I was what they considered “cured”. Each [...]

3 Healthy Habits For Releasing Negative Emotions

When was the last time you scheduled an “emotional work out session”? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about your emotions, but rather respond or react to them as life happens. Finding ways to manage your [...]