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How To Handle Anyone Who Drives You Nuts

If you work in a school, company, fast food joint, office or any other organization that forces you into contact with other people, you must deal with one or two characters that drive you nuts. They may be arrogant, rude, aggressive or impudent. They [...]

Stop Blaming Yourself For Everything!

We all know people who won’t take responsibility for anything; they are forever blaming others for their problems. But some of us have the opposite problem – we take the blame for everything, including things that are not our responsibility. A [...]

Why You Lost The Big Sale: Addressing The Four “P’s”

You’re waiting for the exciting news of securing the largest sale of your career. You wined and dined everyone from the janitor to the C-Suite, you shook hands with the “old school” purchaser who stated that handshakes still mean something [...]