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Podcast: Get The Job!

Listen Here: Diane Burton is the author of the new book Get the Job and owner of Executive Empowerment Solutions accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Diane has nearly 40 years of corporate experience and has consulted in fortune 500 companies [...]

David Versus Goliath: 3 Things Parents and Graduates of 2015 Need to Know

Congrats on your child’s recent graduation. You were probably fortunate enough to hear a great commencement speaker at a college graduation. Robert De Niro, Maya Rudolph, Jon Bon Jovi, the Obama’s, and Flo from the Progressive Insurance [...]

Four Things For New Graduates To Consider Before Accepting Their First Job

In his classic book Oh, the Places You’ll Go, the great Dr. Seuss said “Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!” This epitomizes the excitement new graduates experience as they pick [...]

The First Apartment: Hindsight Is 20/20

I have a lot of friends who, at one point or another during college, considered transferring schools. Some just thought vaguely about where they might go, but did not actually apply. Others took their considerations farther and filled out transfer [...]

When Two Worlds Collide: College vs. The “Real World”

I graduated college a year and a half ago, and a lot has changed I traded a college town for New York City, a class schedule for a job, single life for a new relationship, a dorm room for an apartment, and rule-following for complete independence. [...]

Freak in Your Own Circus

It’s 12:36AM and I have to be up and at a meeting by 7:45. I just finished my second Red Bull, and I’m cramming for an exam I know I’m going to squeeze by with a C. It’s wake up, make coffee, down coffee, look presentable, [...]

Freshman Adults: Advice For Twenty-Somethings Taking Their First Steps After College

Freshmen in adulthood I started my blog, “Champagne for Ducklings”, the month after I graduated college. I had just moved into a summer sublet in New York City and started an absolutely wonderful yet unpaid internship. Like most [...]

Quarter-Life Crisis Or Just Complaining?

The worries of young people “The future,” she said. “My greatest worries are about the future.” Here was another twenty-something woman opening up about what caused her the most worry and here was the exact same answer I had heard from [...]

2013: A To-Do List for College Students

Two years ago, I rang in 2011 midway through my senior year of college: a time that, I realize in retrospect, lies somewhere between college and the real world. During the last year of college, responsibilities are few and far between (financial [...]