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How To Empty Your Emotional Backpack When It Gets Too Heavy

Each winter I load my backpack up for mountaineering skiing to 10th Mountain Huts in the Rocky Mountains. I load survival gear to make sure I don’t die while I cross-country up to the top of 13,000-foot mountains at 40 below zero. In the summers, [...]

Bullying? Round Two At Rutgers?

As Rutgers scrambled this spring in the midst of the player abuse scandal and the wake of the Mike Rice era, they have fallen further down the rabbit hole of controversy with the hiring of Julie Hermann as the new Rutgers Athletics Director. According [...]

Rutgers Players Didn’t Need Bullying

Look no further than the earnest face of Louisville guard Kevin Ware to learn the real lesson of the Rutgers basketball fiasco. Ware, you’ll (painfully) remember, is the player who crashed to the ground with a compound fracture so gruesome, [...]

March Madness Lessons Transcend Basketball

Want to learn how to speak in public, turn negative to positive, or handle an aggressive reporter? Watch a few of the savvier March Madness coaches. Want to meet a spectacular athlete whose most impressive gift will never show up in the stat [...]

Are You Missing The Lessons In Your Relationships?

What if? What if we allowed ourselves the possibility of knowing that in each of our relationships there is potential for personal growth? Can you imagine the new doors of awareness that would open up? The truth is that in every relationship [...]