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Straight Paths

What Is A Path Every path leads somewhere. A series of steps to a desired destination. Point A to point B. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of life’s ambitions were simple straight lines that lead to instant success? If you have lived longer [...]

Who’s In Charge?

A Proud Mother I am the proud mother of six beautiful sons. My youngest son is Benjamin. We affectionately call our 6 foot, 3 inch, 290 pound baby, “Benji”. He survived our 1999 fatal house fire which claimed his twin brother’s [...]

What Do You Depend On?

Out of The Clear Blue Sky Recently my smart phone just up and conked out. Out of the clear blue it would not turn on nor charge. I was in a state of disbelief. This couldn’t be happening to my HTC EVO 4G LTC. My whole life is on that phone. [...]

Heart, Beauty and True Confidence: Sometimes You Have To Prove It

An Unexpected Opportunity I was on my high school cheerleading squad for four years: freshman, sophomore, and two varsity squads, during my junior and senior years.  Unlike others, my reasons for being a cheerleader weren’t because I was [...]

Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: Sweet Acceptance

A conversation with a friend. I remember a very interesting conversation I had with a close male friend of mine my freshman year in college. We were alone at our work-study job on campus having one of our intellectual conversations, as we liked [...]

Podcast: From Tragedy To Triumph, An Inspirational Story

Listen Here: In the early morning hours of March 7, 1999, Justina Page’s life changed forever when a four-alarm house fire ravaged and destroyed her family’s home. In the aftermath, in addition to the heartbreaking loss of one of her 22-month [...]

Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: Forget Me Not

Tragedy strikes again. I was laying down (a rare privilege for me), watching the noon news trying to catch up on what is going on beyond my personal chaos. Breaking News flashes across the screen. ”Bombs go off at the Boston Marathon”. I [...]

Heart, Beauty & True Confidence: When Confidence Takes a Wrong Turn

Confession of a Wal-Mart addict As much as I hate to admit it, I am a Wal-Mart addict. It’s a shopaholic’s dream world especially if your money is limited. It was our very first outing to shop after the fire. The family had spent a full [...]

Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: The Blame Game

Passing the buck. Sometimes we allow others to make us feel completely responsible for the problems in our businesses, friendships, or personal life affairs. The burden of guilt envelops us robbing us of the stamina we need to continue on. Then [...]

Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: Success In 2013

Success In 2013. The pens are out and the fresh tablets are ready. We are chugging away at our plans determined to make 2013 the most successful year of them all. Visionary boards are going up. Brainstorming sessions are in full bloom. We are [...]

Heart, Beauty And True Confidence: Beauty Of Imperfection

The beauty of imperfection Many people in our society today are over achievers. The burden of excellence somehow rests on our shoulders. We painstakingly strive for perfection in our homes, careers, and families. No matter the circumstance, [...]

Heart, Beauty, and True Confidence

A Songbird Sings Again Kechi was the sole survivor of a Nigerian plane crash. She had 3rd degree burns over much of her body including her face.  Her confidence had been robbed by the unfortunate tragedy she suffered. The ability to sing was [...]

Ever Hear Of JR Martinez?

He was a star before Dancing With The Stars. We happened to sit at the same table during one of the lunch breaks. He stretched his hand out to me and introduced himself – “JR”. I smiled. I was used to being the one initiating conversation. [...]