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Sometimes It’s Okay To Quit

Comedian Dave Chapelle recently made headlines after he stopped a recent performance because of significant heckling and noise from the audience. After only telling two jokes, Chappelle boldly stopped his act, scolded the crowd, then left. Sounds [...]

Do The Right Thing

Tweet 62 in my career advice book Success Tweets says, “Your personal brand should be unique to you, but built on integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.” I saw a great example of this the other day.  I was [...]

Journalism Degree: Priceless

Had my mother known that zoologists would be able to pay back their student loans faster than journalists, I might be wearing a beige Safari hat and managing the Reptile House today. The kids would have liked that growing up, getting to feed [...]

Podcast: Choices In The Dark

Listen Here: Former journalist, Steve Piacente, spent years writing about the deals public figures cut behind closed doors and ethics is a key part of the communications class he teaches at American University in Washington, D.C. Now, it’s [...]

What the Petraeus Affair Teaches Us About Career Success

Last Friday, the November 12 issue of Newsweek showed up in our mail. It was called “The Heroes Issue.”  One of the featured stories was “General Petraeus’ 12 Rules of Leadership.”  I thought to myself, “I’ll have to read that [...]