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October Is Bully Prevention Month

Do you feel stressed out at work when dealing with a particularly aggressive individual? Do you feel coerced to comply with unreasonable demands, or berated for little things? Does the treatment from your boss or others escalate and become more [...]

The Trayvon Martin Verdict… And The Healthy Workplace

We have been here before. A country becomes divided over a controversial verdict with the Rodney King Trial, or the O.J. Simpson trial. There is nothing like race and presumed murder that divides a country. And when we return to our desks the [...]

Podcast: Ignite Your Staff

Listen Here: Dr. Leah Hollis, president of Patricia Berkly LLC and healthy workplace advocate has done extensive research on workplace bullying, harassment and retaliation. Leah serves as a graduate professor in leadership studies, training [...]

Fall In Love With Work Again

You will spend more waking hours on the job than you will with family and friends. It is no surprise that people who have stressful and toxic work environments have higher rates of hypertension, diabetes, depression and other stress related [...]

Holiday Cheer & A Healthy Workplace

As we reflect on a cheerful holiday season, many people will feel the angst of returning to a difficult place to work after the holidays are over. The reprieve from a hostile or aggressive workplace can be all too short and in some cases leave [...]