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Danger: Wireless Toilets Next On Hackers’ List

Just about anything wireless is hackable today. Everything—from PCs to mobiles to tablets to home automation devices to pacemakers to insulin dispensers and even cars—are hackable. And now “smart” toilets. CNET reports, “[Smart] toilets [...]

Wanna Be A Hacker? Uncle Sam Wants You!

There are many different kinds of hackers; not all are bad. For example, so-called white hat hackers are the good guys, computer security experts who specialize in penetration testing and other methodologies to ensure that a company’s information [...]

Beware of Facebook Phishes

I got an email from a colleague: Subject: “My Facebook account got hacked.” I wonder if you could give me some guidance here – I received the following email from Facebook: ——————————————————————– From: [...]