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It Happened To Elvis Presley: Infidelity & Betrayal

It Happened To Elvis Presley: Infidelity & Betrayal

Over the years, one of my friends married a beautiful woman and fathered two boys. He shared his pride with me as they grew to become men. I watched their pictures fill the entire front of his refrigerator. His boys adorned the walls of the [...]

Your Inner Life Elevates Your Outer Life

Back in our college years, my younger brother cut himself shaving one morning. He bled all over the washbasin. Blood ran down his neck and into the drain. He yelled, “Howard, you stupid expletive, expletive and more expletives! How can one [...]

Erik Weihenmayer: Turning Into the Storm of Life

Ray Charles learned to play the piano as he lost his vision during his childhood. In his 70 years, he scaled musical heights beyond the ordinary. Helen Keller, blind, deaf and mute, learned to read and write as she sped toward becoming one of [...]