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Letting Go & Forgiving The One Who Hurt You

Your heart is broken and you just cannot understand how someone you love can do such a thing! Whether they cheated on you, lied, or left you— the feelings you are having are incredibly painful. You have thoughts of hatred and perhaps even [...]

Live Free – Forgiving Wisdom On Letting Go Of Grudges

Back in high school, rumors started as fast as a lightning storm to destroy any girl’s reputation. Often out of jealousy for some perceived transgression, classmates concocted stories to create hurt for another person. As we grew older, most [...]

Podcast: The Forgiving Book

Listen Here: Cindy Karwacki is the author of several books including 12 Steps in 12 Seconds, How to Pray through a Financial Crisis and The Forgiving Book. Cindy discusses the importance of forgiveness and how the inability to forgive [...]

It Is Time

The verdict was in. I was handed the key to my cure for my epileptic seizures and all I had to do was conquer the stress in my life. The doctors recommended a psychiatrist but because I was denied the surgery that could do the job quicker, [...]