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Repeat The Healing

Say that we receive a tremendous blow or maybe many tremendous blows. Maybe it’s constant belittlement in childhood. Maybe it’s too much chaos and punishment. We take that in and we become less than and different from who we might have been. If [...]

Tolerating A Difficult Thought

Maybe there’s some big thing that you know that you need to do. Maybe it’s changing your job, leaving home, separating from your mate or stopping your drinking. This thing feels so huge, dangerous, and consequential that you can’t get [...]

Quick Meaning Repair

We’ve been chatting about emotional health as an ability that you can improve by instituting useful habits. Last week we looked at the following important habit: the habit of identifying a challenge (like chronic sadness or chronic anxiety) [...]

Dealing Well With Life

Emotional health is not the same as happiness. As odd as it sounds, emotional health is a certain sort of ability.  It is the ability to deal well with life. If someone criticizes you and you fall apart, that extreme reaction signals that you [...]