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Seven Better Steps to Start Writing

Step 1 Mischa: Wake up early.  The earlier you rise the better, as a cloudy mind, a grumpy attitude, and an inability to articulate verbally are all essential elements in successful writing. Gilmar: I say wake up after a good 8 hours of sleep.  [...]

Political Statements

Victoria:  As we near the presidential election I find myself discussing politics quite a bit with my writer friends. Some of them have much more to say about the election than I ever thought they would. Frankly, it’s more than I care to [...]


villain \ˈvi-lən\: a character in a story or play who opposes the hero Gilmar:  I love villains.  A good villain can elevate a story to a whole other level.  And while I love the Darth Vaders, Hans Grubers and Hannibal Lectors of the world, [...]