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Want To Be Grateful With Your Life Forever?

Have you ever thought that gratitude strengthens your immune system and makes you happy and more optimistic? Rather than focusing on what we don’t have, why not focus on what we do have? When we spend time focusing on our blessings we [...]

Your Dream Of Giving Two Weeks Notice

Do you like your work? Do you get a kick out of reaching the “office” daily as a park ranger, chef, teacher, truck driver, fireman, manager, waitress or hairdresser? Note this fact: what you do daily in your life affects your mind, body [...]

Is Your Life Stuck In A Rut?

We have all been there and it is very upsetting, sometimes making the situations more difficult than they appear to be. The uncertainly of it all becomes overwhelming and over time paralyzing.  Ever feel the frustration, the sadness that usually [...]

How Can You Make Your Life Shine?

Simplifying our lives can be hard because it forces us to own our values and shape our lives around them. What makes you a real treasure around other people?  What do you do that lights up your inside?  Ask a friend; their insight could be [...]