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Podcast: How to Pay for College Without Going Broke

Listen Here: Reecy Aresty is a college admissions/financial aid advisor since 1979, and author of the critically acclaimed book, How To Pay For College Without Going Broke.  For the past 36 years he has been showing families how to send [...]

Podcast: Get Out Of The Way Of Your Kids’ Success

Listen Here: Dr. Joanie Connell is the author of Flying without a Helicopter: How to Prepare Young People for Work and Life. She is an organizational psychologist who has taken her knowledge and experience in working with organizational [...]

Podcast: What You Don’t Know About Your Job Search Will Hurt You!

Listen Here: Hank Boyer is the CEO of Boyer Management Group, a Philadelphia-area best practices consulting firm that works with businesses and institutions that want to get the very best out of their people. Since 2011 Hank has authored two [...]

What The Incoming Class Of 2017 Can Teach Us Before They Take A Class

College graduations must have hired a better PR firm than the one college convocations hired. Every spring we hear a lot about college graduations. We hear about the multitude of commencement speakers past to present presidents, from Hillary [...]

Podcast: What You Need To Know, Do & Be During Your Teen’s College Search

Listen Here: Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D., founder of Major In You, is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of college admissions and wellness. She’s an innovator in using visuals to coach teens and parents during the college search. Her [...]

The “Real World” Relationship

When I was in college, people knew a lot about my relationships without me having ever said a word. I was told things like, I saw you guys on a date at the Den, so cute – and – Oh my gosh, you guys were so ridiculous last night. [...]