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Leighton’s Leading Edge: Ramp Up Your Leadership Skills For Spring

Spring is coming. As winter weather patterns continue their drives across the US, it’s hard for us to remember that the cold of Winter will, one day soon (we hope), give way to the warmth of Spring.  Experienced over long periods of time, [...]

Leadership, Heroism & Selflessness

2012 marked the passing of some incredible leaders. A few, like US Army General Norman Schwarzkopf, were public figures.  Others, like teacher Victoria Soto or Elementary School Principal Dawn Hochsprung and their Newtown, Connecticut colleagues, [...]

Crisis Forges Leaders

Out of crisis comes opportunity! A week after Hurricane Sandy unleashed its destructive and deadly force along the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic coasts, many of those impacted continue to be left without the modern necessities of power, gas and [...]

What Is Leadership?

Styles of leadership The terms “Leadership” and “Leader” mean many things to many people.   Some conjure up an image of a man or woman on a white horse, leading their troops into battle just like Joan of Arc did during the Middle Ages. Others [...]