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The Anatomy Of A Successful Brand Slogan

Lessons From The “One Pound Fish” Man. Last month, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” became the most viewed YouTube video of all time. This week, another video wonder is making it to the top of the site’s charts. This time, it’s the unsuspecting [...]

How to Build Your Brand the “Gangnam Style” Way

More than three quarters of a billion people – around 860 million as of this writing – have laid eyes on “Gangnam Style,” the #1 YouTube video sensation. That’s only since its release on July 15, 2012.  That translates to more than [...]

Brand Irresistibility: All It Takes Is Low-Cost Positioning

Brands are everywhere In fact, if you live in a large urban city, it’s estimated that you come across 3,000 brands daily. Hard to believe? Start counting brands from the moment you wake up … from the brand of alarm clock you use, to your [...]