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Victoria Schmidt, Psy.D., MFA


Victoria Lynn Schmidt is a graduate from the prestigious film program at UCLA, hold a master’s degree in Screenwriting from Loyola Marymount University, a Doctorate in Psychology, and is trained in Holistic Life Coaching. She attended film school at NYU and studied independent filmmaking in NYC with some of the top artists in the field. Very Gorilla style! She was awarded the Rocco Viglietta scholarship for creativity, a full Regents Scholarship to UCLA and is a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society.

Victoria Schmidt enjoys helping people reach their full potential, be it through creative writing or self-help.

Victoria is an author, instructor, and holistic minded explorer of psychology, spirituality, and creativity. Her books combine her unique interests in ways that allow her readers to think differently about subjects while offering them practical tools to explore things on their own.

Victoria Schmidt's first book series is the best selling Creative Writing Series – 45 Master Characters, Story Structure Architect, and Book in a Month. These books combine all of the above to show readers around the world how to hone their craft and reach their dream of writing a book or screenplay. She is currently working on a self help book TBA.

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