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Sharine Jones - Weaver

A true survivor of domestic violence, Sharine Jones-Weaver endured an emotionally and physically abusive relationship before gaining the courage to leave. Months after leaving her abuser, Sharine was stalked and, ultimately, shot by her ex-boyfriend around through the left side of her neck. With her faith in God Sharine not only survived but is a victor of domestic violence. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is the author of Reflections of a Woman’s Indiscretion, a novel based on her personal memoirs of the tumultuous relationship. Sharine Jones-Weaver is proof that women, and particularly women in abusive relationships, are stronger than they believe and is the inspiration for launching RAWR: Restoring A Woman’s Reverence, her non-profit organization which seeks to empower, restore and rebuild female victims of domestic violence.

Posts by Sharine Jones - Weaver:

  • Podcast: Overcoming & Thriving After Abuse

  • Overcoming & Thriving After AbuseJune 19th, 2018
    Listen Here: Sharine Jones-Weaver is the author of the new book Reflections of a Woman’s Indiscretions, her personal memoirs based on a tumultuous relationship riddled with abuse, violence, and her near death. Sharine [...]