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Shabnam Karimi

Shabnam Karimi, Founder of Project doable!, studied International Conflict Resolution at San Diego State University. Her passion for international issues such as sustainable commerce, geo-politics and resource scarcity, inspired her to study abroad in South America, a part of the world known to have the largest socio-economic gap between the impoverished and wealthy. She started her international career by interning & then working with the United Nations Public Information Centre, in Washington D.C. She then specialized in disaster relief coordination with the American Red Cross. It was through these experiences in the field She observed how the most knowledgeable members of the community with significant understanding of their needs, are the individuals without a formal platform.

Posts by Shabnam Karimi:

  • Podcast: Project Doable!

  • August 6th, 2013
    Listen Here: Shabnam Karimi is Founder of Project doable!, a global network that assesses global unmet needs, and matches them to companies that provide innovative products, services and technologies to the people [...]