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Paula Vail

Paula Vail is a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher and the founder of Wellness Inspired where she offers healing and empowerment to men, women and even animals. For over 10 years, Paula has practiced Reiki with passion and integrity, striving to teach the true essence of Reiki and to share the gift of healing with others. She is author of the upcoming book Why Am I So Happy?

She worked for 27 years at a local restaurant, which she eventually bought and ran successfully for several years. Paula first discovered Reiki when her beloved family dog became ill. Someone suggested that she learn Reiki and things took off from there.

Posts by Paula Vail:

  • Podcast: Paula Vail of Wellness Inspired

  • Paula Vail of Wellness InspiredNovember 5th, 2019
    Today’s guest is Paula Vail, Owner and Founder of Wellness Inspired. Paula is a Reiki Master and host of the Seattle Radio Show “Choices: Finding Your Joy” on KKNW. She is author of the upcoming book Why Am I So [...]