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Patti Clark

Patti Clark was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her interest in personal growth began at an early age. After receiving her MA in Education, she travelled to India to study Mindfulness Meditation with Goenka. She later returned to India to meditate with Sathya Sai Baba. After traveling for several years, she and her husband Jeff settled down in New Zealand. Patti's enthusiasm and love of working with people of all ages led her to a career as a workshop facilitator. She has been teaching and facilitating workshops in the US, New Zealand and Bali since 1993. Patti is dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey toward an extraordinary life. Patti divides her time between the US and New Zealand.

Posts by Patti Clark:

  • Podcast: 7 Tools For Unleashing Your Creative Self

  • Podcast: 7 Tools For Unleashing Your Creative SelfApril 15th, 2016
    Listen Here: Patti Clark is an accomplished speaker and workshop leader dedicated to helping people through various life transitions on their journey to an extraordinary life. For more than 20 years, and over several [...]