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Nina Puccillo


Nina Pucillo, author of the cookbook Nina Cucina | Your Healthy Gourmet is the founder of an online cooking school: ninacucina.com, where Nina teaches her members how to create healthy, yet delicious dishes through comprehensive instructional cooking videos.

Nina is also the principal of a healthy cooking show: ‘Healthy Cooking with Nina Cucina’ which airs in the Coachella Valley of California on the local NBC station (KMIR 6), Tuesdays at 11 a.m., right after the Today show.

She is also a loving daughter, wife and friend.

The Nina Cucina concept was created out of love when Nina had to create a healthy, yet gourmet-tasting lifestyle of eating for her husband because of a need to lose weight and improve his health. Nina has always been a ‘gourmet’ cook but she had to change her recipes to reflect cleaner, gluten-free, more nutritious meals. Through this process, Nina’s specialty has become recipe development for great taste and, of course, vibrant health. Nina Pucillo’s mission is to help stop the the ramped epidemic of obesity in the United States.

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