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Mary Garner

Mary Garner is a published author and dedicated philanthropist. Her work includes a best-selling book, The Hidden Souls of Words and Calling All Angels. Her writing career has been bolstered by multiple avenues of study. Mary holds degrees in religion and theology, clinical psychology, and international law. Her diverse interests and the overarching desire to be of service have led to teaching, human rights advocacy, counseling, disarmament negotiating, dispute resolution, and global efforts of interfaith cooperation and peace-building.

Posts by Mary Garner:

  • Podcast: Calling All Angels

  • Calling All AngelsAugust 3rd, 2016
    Listen Here: Best-selling author, Mary Garner, who joins us from Washington D.C. to discuss the  new edition of her book, Calling All Angels.  Calling All Angels What is the premise of Calling All Angels and what [...]