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Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens is a bestselling author and a popular media commentator (CNBC and Fox Business) on a host of business matters including marketing, branding, management and sales. Mr. Stevens is also the founder and CEO of MSCO, a global marketing firm specializing in strategy and integrated marketing solutions for such diverse clients as Nike, RE/MAX, Chartis, AIG and many small and mid-size businesses.

Known for delivering business insights with blunt truths and unconventional wisdom, Mr. Stevens shook the marketing establishment with his Business Week bestseller, “Your Marketing Sucks,” (2003) and redefined the rules of business management in “Your Management Sucks” (2006), “Your Company Sucks (2011) which identifies the four major reasons why companies fail.

Some of his other books include God Is A Salesman, Rich Is A Religion, The Big Eight, King Icahn, and Sudden Death: The Rise and Fall of EF Hutton (a Wall Street Journal bestseller and one of the “Best Business Books of the Year” by the Library Journal).

Posts by Mark Stevens:

  • Podcast: The Keys To Great Marketing!

  • May 31st, 2013
    Listen Here: Mark Stevens is a lifelong entrepreneur and founder of the MSCO.com, a business-driven, entrepreneurial-minded marketing and business advisory firm that focuses on accelerating the growth of their clients.  [...]