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Marjorie Asturias

Marjorie R. Asturias is the president and CEO of Blue Volcano Media, a Dallas-based digital marketing agency that specializes in assisting small and medium-size businesses and nonprofits around the United States with their online promotions and campaigns. Marjorie founded the boutique agency in January of 2010 after working for several years as a freelance writer, columnist, editor, and social media consultant. Her new book, How to Get a Job in Social Media, is now available for the Kindle and will be available in print this fall.

Posts by Marjorie Asturias:

  • Podcast: How To Get A Job In Social Media

  • September 25th, 2013
    Listen Here: Marjorie Asturias is the President and CEO of digital marketing agency, Blue Volcano Media, and author of the new book, How to Get a Job in Social Media How to Get a Job in Social Media What don’t [...]