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Maria Hester, M.D.


Dr. A. Maria Hester is a board certified internal medicine specialist with a passion for patient empowerment/education. She received her M.D. degree from the University of Tennessee, Memphis in 1992. Her strength lies in her ability to communicate complex medical topics in lay terms.

She recently completed an innovative patient engagement app that scans, records, and alarms to remind patients to refill their medications and keep their doctor’s appointments. The Patient Whiz app for iOS also empowers users to optimize their medical care, lower their medical bills, and keep vital health records with them at all times.

Dr. Hester has an extensive background in educating the public as an author, editor, and blogger. She is currently a blogger for e-Hospitalists News, an online trade publication of Elsevier. Her blog, Teachable Moments, teaches other physicians ways to empower their patients. In addition, she is the geriatrics editor for http://BellaOnline.com.

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