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Louis Franzini

Dr. Louis Franzini has an extensive background. His experience includes Clinical psychologist, Emeritus professor of psychology, Practice of psychology in VA hospitals internship, university clinics, and private practice, well-published author of over 75 items (including 4 books, chapters, professional journal articles, and popular pieces), experienced interviewee on radio and TV and in print, university teaching at all undergraduate and graduate levels for over 35 years, researcher in humor and a variety of other psychological phenomena, speaker to national and international professional associations, universities, and businesses, consultant to textbook publishers and ad hoc scientific journal reviewer, co-host of radio series on police and community relations, performer of stand-up comedy in a variety of showcase settings.

Posts by Louis Franzini:

  • Podcast: Using Humor Effectively

  • October 10th, 2013
    Listen Here: Dr. Louis Franzini is a Clinical Psychologist, Humorist and author. His latest book is Just Kidding: Using Humor Effectively. In this podcast, Dr. Franzini discusses the value of using humor in relationships, [...]