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Linda Marie Abu-Hamid

Linda Marie Abu-Hamid is a former single mom of 18 years before marrying her husband and moving to San Diego, California. She is a Pastor at Spoken Word Church of San Diego, Inc. and the author of the book “Single but Not Alone”. Through her own experience, she speaks from the heart regarding the journey of being single. Linda writes to prevent the single reader from going through the heartaches that singleness often brings. She gives practical examples and encouraging words along with scriptures—without preaching—that we can apply to our daily life - no matter what your relationship status is.

Posts by Linda Marie Abu-Hamid:

  • Podcast: Single But Not Alone

  • October 1st, 2015
    Listen Here: Pastor Linda Marie Abu-Hamid is the author of Single But Not Alone.  She draws on her own experiences as a single mother to share how you can always find support when you have faith, and that strength [...]