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Lauren Liebowitz

As Executive Producer and host of Blog Talk Radio’s, How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Shoes, Lauren Liebowitz explores the strategies taken to discover skill sets, resources and serves as a guide to help individuals get back on their feet. Creative, smart, effective and efficient, Liebowitz is also known as the “Business Dynamo”, specializing in developing creative and original marketing strategies for large and small businesses. Under her Good Vibe Productions banner, Lauren and her associates have worked with over 10,000 Fortune 500 clients and have generated one billon dollars in economic impact.

With remarkable empathy, warmth and compassion, Lauren Liebowitz sets a casual atmosphere which makes her clients feel comfortable in finding the freedom to embrace their dreams and deepest desires and gaining enjoyment and happiness out of life.

Posts by Lauren Liebowitz:

  • Podcast: Mindful Business Practices

  • May 7th, 2014
    Listen Here: Lauren Liebowitz is a Business Dynamo and Creator of Mindful Business Practices™ who will discuss how to spark the full potential of happiness waiting within so that you can embrace and focus on your [...]