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Kimberly Kingsley, M.Ed


As a licensed professional counselor, author, and coach, Kimberly Kingsley teaches life-enhancing principles that lead to inner peace. For over fifteen years she has been part of the wellness movement, sharing her message through speaking, training and coaching.

Kimberly has been featured in numerous publications including FITNESS Magazine, HEALTH Magazine, Woman’s Day and Woman’s World. She delivers inspirational and informative talks at venues such as World Wellness Weekend, Banner’s Holistic Health Conference and many other non-profit fundraisers and events. Kimberly has made numerous television appearances, including a stress prevention series for Arizona Midday, and has been a guest on nearly two dozen radio shows.

Kimberly Kingsley’s books include Detox Lifestyle Diet (2012) Portals of Peace: A Path to Inner Peace and a Healed World (2009), The Energy Cure: How to Recharge Your Life 30 Seconds at a Time (2008), Opening to Life: Reconnecting with Your Internal Source of Energy, Wisdom and Joy (2003).

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